Reducing our impact on the environment

Reducing our environmental impact through more efficient ways of operating is very important to us. We have been actively reducing our carbon emissions since 2020. In order to continue our progress to achieving net zero, we have committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 2.58% by the end of FY2028. We are striving to achieve net zero by 2050 or earlier in alignment with the NHS’s aspirations.

Our team is committed to driving change to help us to meet our targets and adopting operational and behavioural changes that benefit our planet are an ongoing focus.

Carbon reduction initiatives

Our planned carbon reduction initiatives focus on:

  • Raising awareness of sustainability within the business – increasing communication with our team and placing it on the agenda of our company meetings.
  • Improving data quality – to ensure better accuracy in our carbon reduction reporting. These methods include using plug-in energy monitors at the office to determine actual electricity consumption; and weighing our general waste from office activities.
  • Carbon conscious events – reducing waste where possible and reusing resources for events and conference stands.
  • Low carbon energy supplies – we intend to source couriers only using electric vehicles, and to review the potential for an office space powered by a zero-greenhouse gas energy source.

You can read more in our carbon reduction plan.