Share data and medical images from anywhere

Remove the boundaries of care

Feedback Connect enables imaging-led, point-of-care decision making in previously unreachable or disconnected areas, such as community or rural locations, where remote analysis is needed. It enables smoother transfer of images and other data from anywhere, speeding up access to the information for clinicians and faster treatment decisions for patients.

  • Match medical images and other data directly to patients
  • Transfers DICOM studies and medical images with a secure, encrypted connection
  • A virtual private network (VPN) connection is not required
  • Share images with a 3G/4G wireless connection
  • Take jpg images and create DICOM compatible files to add to your picture archiving communication system (PACS)
Clinician on tablet device


Feedback Connect matches medical images and data to patients and centralises it into a single accessible record so it can be easily and safely viewed.

Healthcare organisations often have different IT systems that are not interoperable, making it hard to share patient data seamlessly and provide the best care efficiently and effectively.

Feedback Connect integrates with existing IT systems and connects them to our cloud architecture, without the need to migrate to common systems and so reduces the time and resource needed to share data and imaging effectively.

Easy installation

Feedback Connect is a versatile product that can be installed on any laptop or tablet device. If installed on a tablet, images can be pushed to our cloud architecture over a mobile network from remote locations.

The clinician who acquired the images can then review them in Bleepa® and can make onward referrals or start a conversation with a specialist for input on the case whilst still in the remote location.

Supporting TB screening programmes

The Evangelical Hospital Khariar in Odisha, India, needed to share high-quality medical images rapidly to aid identification and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) among its patients.

By using Feedback Connect to more efficiently transfer the digital images from the scanning equipment and then using Bleepa® to securely share and communicate about those images with colleagues, it has been able to move patients more quickly through the diagnostic process.

Clinician talking to patient

What clinicians say

“Since we started using Bleepa® at our hospital a few months ago, it has helped us with quicker TB screening and identification. Once the X-ray is done, it is scanned through the AI-linked platform, , which evaluates it and sends a structured report and medical grade images to the Bleepa® clinician app on my mobile. I can check the report on my phone and give my opinion quickly. Through this technology, we have been able to save time and start early treatment for TB patients.”

Dr Nibedita Paramanik, Medical Director, Evangelical Hospital Khariar, Odisha, India