Bleepa® transforms healthcare delivery

Clinician on tablet device

Patient pathways

To deliver better, faster patient care and reduce wait times, clinicians need access to the same clinical information shared across all care settings along the patient pathway.

Bleepa® provides a common view of patient information such as imaging, test results and reports and enables clinicians to communicate and collaborate more effectively and refer the patient onto the most appropriate pathway.

Clinical communication

Clinicians need an easy-to-use, compliant platform for sharing patient information such as medical images, test results and reports and discussing care to comply with healthcare regulations and ensure patient safety.

Bleepa® enables asynchronous communication and displays clinical images at a suitable quality for clinical review. The fully auditable, patient-centric discussion forms part of the wider record in multiple care settings.

Clinician talking to patient

Diagnostic-enhanced advice and guidance

Healthcare organisations need to transform inefficient referral pathways to alleviate unnecessary wait times, reduce anxiety and stress for patients and improve working environments for clinicians.

Bleepa® is pioneering an enhanced process to significantly speed up the time from primary care referral to diagnosis and to either retain patients in primary/community care or refer into secondary care, using existing staff and resources.

Clinicians walking and talking along corridor

Multi-disciplinary team working

Bringing together specialists with unique skills and expertise to collaborate is fundamental to improving patient outcomes but clinicians need the right tools to be able to do this efficiently.

Bleepa® provides the digital platform for asynchronous discussion of patients as soon as the diagnostic results are available rather than waiting for the next face-to-face meeting, enabling clinicians to focus more on complex cases and speeding up patient care.