Efficient team work with Bleepa®

Clinicians on tablet near patient

Effective asynchronous communication

Bleepa’s clinical-grade image sharing combined with its asynchronous communication supports efficient, cost-effective multi-disciplinary team working across care settings. Coordinating face-to-face multi-disciplinary team meetings can be difficult and expensive when these conversations have to happen synchronously.

In asynchronous communication, messages are sent to colleagues who in turn reply in and around their other clinical commitments; a radiologist can message a surgeon about a patient, who can then reply between theatre cases. Team working now fits around clinical work rather than vice versa.

clinicians consulting with patient

Better patient outcomes

Whilst a more efficient way of working is great for clinicians, the real reward is for patients. Patients no longer need to wait for the next multi-disciplinary team slot for their treatment to be discussed and progressed along the care pathway.

The process can start straight away, accelerating investigation and treatment – helping to drive down any backlog by accelerating pathways.

Survey results with staff using Bleepa at the Northern Care Alliance from independent evaluation

Improve team communication

An independent evaluation of Bleepa® at the Northern Care Alliance showed significant benefits in terms of clinical communication, with 80% of surveyed staff identifying an improvement in communication when using Bleepa compared to previous referral methods.

The report showed an average of 4.8 messages are exchanged per referral whilst using Bleepa, enabling clinicians to progress care in a more efficient way.