Meet clinical needs with Bleepa®

Bleepa® is available as a series of modules depending on clinical need.

Bleepa® Messenger

The core functionalities for the Messenger module include:

  • Versatile and interoperable – integrates with EPR, PACS, LIMS and other healthcare IT systems
  • Fully auditable – discussion becomes part of the patient record
  • Safe, secure, compliant – zero footprint with no data stored locally on any devices
  • Integrated with hospital systems to allow single sign-on
  • Ease of access – launch link from electronic patient record
  • Web application – accessible from any device for access on the go
  • DICOM/PACS view provides clinical grade imaging
  • Annotate images directly
  • Deep dive into case notes and test results

Bleepa® Workflow 

Bring efficiency improvements to your organisation with Bleepa’s referral pathway management module.  From the moment patients are registered, Bleepa can enable smoother and swifter transfer from one medical team to another, from referral to decision, treatment and discharge.

The pathways module includes:

  • Rule based tagging to manage patient lists
  • Structured referral forms that are fully configurable
  • Patient status can be updated to referred, accepted, reviewed and discharged
  • Patients can be tagged as urgent or breaching customer-defined targets
Desktop view of Bleepa dashboard showing patient lists and breaches against targets

Bleepa® Dashboard   

Dashboard is a simple view enabling clear monitoring of patients against faster diagnosis and other national targets to prioritise patients and speed up care. It provides clinicians and leaders with visibility of the status of patients and where they are in their care journey at any stage.

Screenshot of Bleepa mobile view showing photo captured of injured foot

Bleepa® Photocapture  

Ensure that all clinicians involved in the care pathway have a rich picture of all the relevant patient information.

The photocapture module includes:

  • Full privacy compliant photo capture functionality with associated notes and sign off process.
  • The ability to add individual or multiple photos using any device with a camera.
  • The ability to take a series of images to show changes to a patient’s condition over time.
  • Recording of patient consent – or parent, legal guardian or clinician consent if a patient is unable to give it themselves – for any images taken.
Bleepa mobile view blood test results

Bleepa® Lab View  

Lab View is a document management tool that enables radiologists to have easy and efficient access to other systems at the time of reporting, such as lab results and pdf reports from histopathology.

It enables clinicians to add clinical information including reports, results such as blood tests, and handwritten notes as part of the patient record.

Clinician on tablet device

Patient-centric cloud architecture

Bleepa®’s patient-centric cloud architecture is secure, scalable and cost efficient. It supports Bleepa®’s functionality whilst simultaneously creating patient-specific records of care episodes.

It enables unparalleled flexibility and security, storing data at an individual patient level. This means you can manage the cloud roll-out process patient-by-patient, without the stress of mass data migration.

This architecture enables tight access control to even a subset of a patient’s data allowing access to be safely granted to a variety of stakeholders.