Greater collaboration with Bleepa®

Common view of patient data

Bleepa® creates a common view of a patient’s clinical data which enables clinicians to collaborate through a secure, patient-centric communication platform.  It writes back to the patient record in all care settings, including the electronic patient record, primary care record and any shared care record.

Its unique, diagnostic-quality DICOM image viewer enables both radiologists and relevant clinical specialists to safely review clinical results both on- and off-site, when they do not have access to core systems, removing any unnecessary delay for their expert input into cases.

  • Chat directly with colleagues
  • Secure, asynchronous clinical chat that can fit around other clinical work
  • Tag individuals or clinical teams for quick sharing
  • Delivery and read notifications
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Make collaborative decisions

Bleepa®’s notification capabilities ensure that clinicians are prompted when using the app to take action as new patient information is available. It takes diagnostic outputs for patients, puts them in front of clinicians and prompts them to take collective decisions about them in order to reach a timely management plan for the patient which is then communicated to all care settings.

Multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) can occur on a rolling basis, as soon as results are available; patients do not need to wait for the next MDT slot; discussion can start straight away.

Survey results with staff using Bleepa at the Northern Care Alliance from independent evaluation

Improve staff experience

An independent evaluation of Bleepa® at the Northern Care Alliance showed significant benefits in terms of clinical communication, with 80% of surveyed staff identifying an improvement in communication when using Bleepa compared to previous referral methods.

The report showed an average of 4.8 messages are exchanged per referral whilst using Bleepa, enabling clinicians to progress care in a more efficient way.