Improve productivity and patient care with Bleepa®

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Save time

  • Our pathway management and community diagnostic centre programme (patient pathways) has achieved a reduction of 63% in patient wait times compared to the NHS 18-week referral to treatment target, without the need for additional clinical staff.

  • The programme has also achieved a reduction of 45% in wait times from referral to diagnostic test compared to the national target.

  • Using Bleepa® at the Northern Care Alliance resulted in a reduction of 87% in referral response time in respiratory (on average 0.28 days compared to 2.1 day average before Bleepa®).

  • In respiratory, cardiology and gastroenterology it resulted in a 74% reduction in time from submission of a referral to first review (on average 0.55 days compared to 1.55 days before Bleepa®).

  • 76% of users surveyed at the Trust identified time savings.

  • 80% of staff identified an improvement in staff communication when using Bleepa compared to previous referral methods.

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Reduce costs

  • Reduces the need for outpatient appointments by up to 88% resulting in savings of £295 per patient, enabling patients to go straight from the primary care referral to diagnostic tests, streamlining the care pathway.
  • Bleepa® can achieve estimated savings of £819,000 over five years for a trust by improving clinical communication, enabling faster referrals, efficient clinical messaging and reducing length of stay for patients.
  • If adopted across the whole integrated care board, it could free up an estimated £7.7 million in savings.

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Improve care coordination

  • Facilitates diagnostic enhanced advice and guidance.
  • Expedites patient care through more efficient digital pathways, with interoperable systems and shared information.
  • Delivers greater productivity to support elective care recovery.
  • Better informed care coordination for faster discharge.
  • Greater collaboration across care settings (eg primary, secondary, community care) which can support mutual aid programmes to share resources across a geographical area.
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Be more sustainable

  • Digital referrals reduce the use of paper with accessible instant messaging.

  • Digital results reduce the need to use resources to print tests such as spirometry and ECGs.

  • Virtual team working and reduced outpatient appointments – up to 88% reduction with streamlined patient pathways – reduces the need for travel for clinicians and patients.

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Easily implement

  • Quick to deploy at any healthcare organisation and is interoperable with multiple healthcare IT systems.

  • Easy and intuitive to use with only minimal training required – 88% of staff surveyed at the Northern Care Alliance said Bleepa® was easy to use.

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Comply with regulations

  • Complies with European GDPR and Indian Digital Personal Data Protection Act requirements for secure processing and sharing of personal data.
  • Certified as a medical device for secure, compliant display of clinical results in the UK and India.
  • Meets the Care Quality Commission’s guidelines that communication platforms write back to the patient record to maintain clinical safety and reduce legal risks.