Give patients control over their health data

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Take control of your health data with CareLocker®

CareLocker® gives patients control over their healthcare information by allowing them to access and share medical imaging with their doctor on their mobile devices.

  • View all medical images easily on a mobile device

  • Store medical data safely and securely in the cloud

  • Where possible, provide doctors with digital access to medical images

  • Reduce waste, save time and prevent damage or loss of physical copies of medical images.

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Patient-facing app

Where Bleepa® is a clinician-facing app connecting medical professionals with each other and the medical images and patient data needed, CareLocker® is the patient-facing app that provides secure, easy-to-use management of their imaging from the convenience of their own mobile.

CareLocker® can be ‘white labelled’ with the branding of the purchaser or integrated within other health and lifestyle apps for a seamless user experience.

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Benefits of CareLocker®

  • Common view: Brings data from many sources together in one place, creating a common view of a patient’s health data from different care settings.
  • Secure storage: Patient data is stored in individual ‘lockers’ meaning it is more safe and secure, limiting the risks of cyber security incidents.
  • Patient empowerment: Patients can access and add data related to their ongoing care from their own device, giving them more control of their own healthcare.
  • Clinician access: Patients can invite clinicians to view their healthcare information in the app.
Screenshot of CareLocker mobile photo and document capture screen

What clinicians say

“Patients can now view their medical data easily and securely on their own devices and will be able to quickly share them with consultants before appointments, benefiting patients and clinicians.”

Dr R K Sodani, Chairman & Managing Director , Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic, Indore, MP, India

“Our collaboration with CareLocker makes it easy for patients to share their digital images and reports with the referring doctors. This is very useful for patients to send their digital images & health records for second opinion in different cities. This is a revolutionary technology and the future.”

Anurag Sodani, Chief Executive Officer, Sampurna Sodani Diagnostic Clinic, Indore, MP, India

CareLocker® for patients

Users of CareLocker® will find more information in our data privacy statement and our terms and conditions:

For more information about using CareLocker®, please contact us.